Why we’re BAD


WE all face the challenge of how to be BETTER, to be GOOD at bad times.  We know that Positive Attitude Matters, looking at the world as half-full versus half-empty will make your life more complete!

Don’t Be A Dodo...did you know kissing can help you lose weight, and get a dopamine high…that having a positive attitude adds 12 years to your life.  No shit, read about the science of POSITIVE in the DBAD BlahG.

Our special eco-place is WATER, WE are made mostly of WATER. WATER is life. DBADers are ANTI-bad advocates and we all want to make sure everyone has access to GOOD clean drinking WATER, it is a basic human right; and, DBADers want to protect and preserve the EARTH’s WATER resources from pollution and waste. Please read about our sustainability and ecological efforts in our Sustainability & Ethical Production tab. WE contribute a portion of our profits to these causes, right on!