Sustainability & Ethical Production

WE are ANTI-bad
WE are WET & WILD...
WE are always thinking about WATER.

One of the most critical things on EARTH and in humans is...
An average of 60 percent of the human body is made up of WATER.
Approximately 70 percent of EARTH is covered in WATER.  
WATER creates an environment that sustains and nurtures plants, animals and humans, making EARTH a perfect match for life in general.

Sustainability is super important at DBAD where everything is ANTI-bad.  WE at DBAD want GOOD for WATER and GOOD for YOU, WE dedicate a portion of our profits for:
1.  GOOD clean drinking WATER for ALL, it is a basic human right.
2.  Ecological efforts to protect the EARTH's precious WATER resources from pollution and waste.

WATER is beautiful and in most of our photographs!

WATER is the core, the equalizer, the unifier. 
Please don't waste this critical resource.
  • Fashion can be a wasteful and dirty industry and we strive to be as environmentally friendly, responsible and ethical as possible, but we are human and NOT purrfekt...
  • We use worker-sensitive and environmentally-sensitive production that is manufactured in WRAP Certified Socially Responsible Factories & SEDEX Certified Environmentally Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains
  • We purchase verified carbon offsets
  • We use environmentally sensitive vehicles and we drive hydrogen, electric and hybrid vehicles